Fitness Squad


This squad is aimed at the swimmers that are interested in swimming for fitness or social reasons.  The morning sessions are for those that have come from a backgroud in swimming or surf lifesaving, and who would be abl eto achieve 30 x 50 of freestyle on 55 seconds.  The evening sessions are for anyone who has a desire to get fit, have fun and can swim at least 200m of freestyle without stopping.  This evening group historically was our Aussie Programme.

Equipment needed:

Water bottle, goggles, flippers, snorkel, pull buoy, kickboard and band.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5.00-7.00am 7.00-8.00pm 5.00-7.00am 6.30-7.30pm 5.00-7.00am    


Portside Swim and Leisure Centre
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