Volunteers always welcome!

In addition to our coaching staff, there are many other people behind the scenes that help make our Club what it is today. It is the Volunteer Parents of the Club that we rely on for the future success of our team. There are many ways to get involved with the LeFevre Portside Swimming Club you can:


As always, any amount of time that you can devote to our club is appreciated. Your volunteerism will truly make a difference to our club and your swimmers.

Volunteers at Swim Meets

Often to the new parent and swimmer, swim meets look very confusing. In fact it is just the opposite. Swim meets are highly organized competitions. The LeFevre Portside Swimming Club organise Encouragement Swim Meets & Time Trials during the season.  At any one time it can take as many as 30 volunteers to run a swim meet.  It takes a tremendous amount of volunteers and teamwork to host a successful swim meet.

Volunteers will be necessary for the following positions:

  1. Timers – operate timing devices
  2. Entrance - selling programs and taking admission fees.
  3. BBQ - cooking sausages and selling drinks etc for the lunch time crowd.
  4. Raffle - selling raffle tickets to the spectators on the day.
  5. Marshall - organising swimmers in the marshalling area.
  6. Meet data entry and Meet Manager System usage.



As a non-profit organisation we are still largely dependent on successful fundraising. The benefits of fundraising directly benefit our children, being used for new equipment, swim camps, team competitions away, social parties, uniform subsidies and more. Your active participation in club organised fundraising events is a great way to ensure our club can provide the best experience possible for our swimmers. Also, if anyone has any fundraising ideas, please contact any member of our fundraising sub-committee!

If you are interested in Volunteering for anything from Time Keeping or a Committee Position please speak to Paul Thomas LPSC’s Club President.

Paul Can be Contacted on 0413800495  



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