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LeFevre Portside Swimming Club in partnership with Portside Swim & Leisure Centre can accommodate the development of every stage of swimming – from Learn to Swim through to Australian Teams. We have excellent programs which provide swimmers with great opportunities.

Swimmers in the Portside Swim & Leisure Centre squad programs are encouraged to join the LeFevre Portside Swimming Club so that they can compete at swim meets and Club activites.  The Club Membership fee is made up of contributions to Swimming Australia, Swimming SA and LeFevre Portside Swimming Club.

For any Questions regarding Memberships please contact

Head Coach              

President          Paul Thomas                0413 800 495            pdkcthomas@bigpond.com

Registrar           Sylvia Piscioneri           0417 849 686            sylvblackfish@live.com.au


For those wishing to join the LeFevre Portside Swimming club please fill out the membership form below and return it the the Club Registrar or place in the nomination box in the front foyer.

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