Bronze Squad


The Bronze Squad provides a transition from learn to swim lessons to a competitive practice. The squad caters for children primarily aged between 7 and 11 years who are beginning their competitive swimming experiences in an educational and fun environment.

Training Sessions:

Sessions focus on developing each swimmer’s skills in all four strokes to prepare them for competitions as well as learning squad training etiquette. Swimmers are introduced to competition swimming through the LeFevre Portside Swimming Club’s Time Trial events and Encouragement Meets. Swimmers should take up the opportunity to be involved in these competitions as it is the foremost way of measuring training improvements. While swimmers are not required to attend any specific number of sessions it is encouraged that they as many as possible (max 3) for maximum benefit. Training frequently at an early age will help develop muscles and co-ordination needed specifically for aquatic sports. Starting at a young age also allows swimmers more time to perfect their swimming skills.

Tuesday Thursday Saturday
6.00-7.00pm 4.00-5.00pm 8.00-9.00pm





Swimmers are encouraged to become involved in the monthly Club Time Trials. These are the best sort of competitions for swimmers starting out, as it does not matter where your child finishes in the race. The Time Trials are solely based on self-improvement and give all swimmers the opportunity to race in distances from 25m to 400m in all strokes, learning the various racing skills that go with each.

Some Bronze Squad Swimmers may wish to become a member of the LeFevre Portside Swimming Club and compete in Inter-Club meets such as the Junior Excellence Series or one of many local Club Carnivals.


Swimmers must have their own drink bottle, goggles, flippers and kickboard at every training session.


Swimmers in Bronze Squad may progress to the Silver Squad if they can complete:

  • 10 x 50 Freestyle on 1.15
  • 4 x 50 Backstroke on 1.30
  • 3 x 100 Breaststroke on 1.30
  • 2 x 25 Butterfly on 1.00



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